We capture your inspiration.

The studio offers a full line of music, editing and mastering production ranging from song demos and singles to fully produced projects. We focus on excellence at every level of the recording and production process and will work with you for your project's specific needs.

The studio rate and pricing can be set on a per hour or per day schedule, as well as per song or per project basis. For rates specific to your project contact us for more information.

Our services include: arranging, hiring musicians, recording, editing, mixing, and/or mastering. We record Christian and positive music from a variety of genres, including bands, solo artists and songwriters, worship groups, instrumentalists, backing vocals and more. We even do audio overdubs for commercials and videos to graphics and videos for social media. So, whatever you need in professional production we have you covered.

All of our services include : Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering of Positive & Christian Music • Social Media Album Album Art • Promotional Material Videos & Graphics • Video Production & Editing • Audio & Video Commercials 

I personally oversee and produce all graphics and videos on this website and The Church On Main website. 



We provide the highest industry standard of both analog and digital recording, but more importantly, we work with our clients to ensure their art transcends in studio exactly the way they had envisioned it


Mixing is crucial and can mean make or break your song or audio. We have professional gear that can take your already recorded track to the next level


Whatever state your project is in; we can always help tighten things up. We can edit any audio. We can offer vocal tuning, instrument alignment, drum sampling, and various other way to help polish up your recording


Social Media, Videos, & Graphics

We also offer professional photography, audio and video packages for artists or businesses needing promotional ads, commercials, social media videos and graphics. 


We offer a wide range of production services depending on the state of your project. Whether its writing harmonies to a track, developing overall song structure, creating beats, or guiding our musicians towards their best studio performance, our talent can be a benefit to any project big or small