On Friday, September 4th, 2014 at 7am while in prayer, I began to experience a very heavy burden for the condition of our modern church and our nation. As an Evangelist, I have always felt this burden but nothing like what I felt that day. It was so much more pronounced.
For a long I have sensed this calling to go deeper in prayer than I have been and make an awareness of the need for intercessory prayer especially in this day and culture in which we live. However, I have wondered "What can I do?" " I'm just one man!" 
Over the years God has allowed me to run into and partner with others who share the same burden. So, I felt it was time to share this ministry as God has provided and continues to provide alliances with people of like faith who carry the urgency for intercessory prayer.

In light of recent events and laws passed and watching the degeneration of our culture, I can't just sit back and do nothing! I believe its time to call a solemn assembly of believers to cry out to God to bring America back to Christ!
We have been in the valley of dry bones long enough! (Ezekiel 37:1-14) It's time to allow God to breathe life back into us and become the army of praying saints that he has called us to be! (Ephesians 6:12}

Jesus, throughout scripture has been referred to as the "The Lion of Judah." (Revelation 5:5, Hosea 5:14) The Lion is roaring and has been for a long time calling us back to an intense love for Him. Therefore, I felt it was appropriate and scriptural to announce this prayer initiative as "THE LION'S CALL."

This is not about promotion, notoriety, or recognition of one ministry or individual. It's about our participation and the heart of God!

In Acts 2:17,18, God promises to pour out His Spirit as we seek Him and to be with us!

Will you join in this effort and answer "THE LION'S CALL" to pray and reach this generation?

Jesus, The Lion is coming soon!  WE ROAR WITH THE LION!!



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