From the recording Not Standing Alone

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Not Standing Alone
By: Timothy Davis
© Copyright 2011
BMI Publishing

Verse 1
Sitting all alone on this dark stormy night
Wondering what tomorrow will bring
Flashes of lightning like cracks in the sky…such a painful reminder to me
Have I forgotten the promise You’ve made
You said you had my life in your hands
Can I really lean on Your Word for this season of my life again

Chorus 1
Am I standing alone?
Tell me that You’re with me right now?
Tell me I’ll get through this somehow?
In the midst of my weakness will you let me down?

Verse 2
Now You know my heart and the actions I take before I even whisper Your name
There’s one thing I found that I just can’t rely on myself and my strength
It’s not the easy days that You want me to trust
It’s in the troubled nights of my life
You said You’d never leave when I need You the most, even in my darkest times

Chorus 2 (X2)
I’m not standing alone
I know that You’re with me right now
I know I’ll get through this somehow
I’ve been here before and You’ve never let me down

You told me I’m not by myself
You brought me through these same storms before
You’re not putting me away on a shelf
You’ve given me the strength to endure
Yea, yea, I’m not standing alone

“Na, na, na ...