1. Can't Hide

From the recording Not Standing Alone

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Can’t Hide
Written By: Timothy Davis
© Copyright 2011
BMI Publishing

Verse 1
I hide from my protection and I hide from my pain
I hide from my correction and I hide behind my face
You know what I’m feeling
My life’s an open book
So why do I fool myself
By trying to be somebody else

Chorus 1
Where can I hide from You, Jesus?
Where can I hide, You know what I’m thinking of
Look inside can You see your love
Beyond this vessel of clay
Examine me fully today
Cause where can I hide

We hide behind our riches and we hide behind our pride
It’s time to burn the bridges to the past that rule our lives
Don’t we know we’re bleeding?
But we try to cover wounds
By playing the popular game
But there’s healing when we call on His name

Chorus 2 (x2)
Where can we hide from You, Jesus?
Where can we hide?
I know You see us
Step in the light that redeems us
And take all the guilt and shame away
There’s no time to delay
Cause we can’t hide
No, no, no
Cause we can’t hide

Adlib – end
Ooh, ooh, no we can’t…hide
No, no, no