1. Holding On

From the recording Not Standing Alone

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Holding On
Written by: Timothy Davis
© Copyright 2011
BMI Publishing

Verse 1
I want you to know that I’m moving on
I can’t allow the past to hinder me no more
But this one thing’s true, that will not change
I know within my heart I’ll still serve you

And though the tempest rages, I will stand
And though you may not see He holds my hand

I’m moving on while I’m holding on
Seems like everything’s against me
But I will not give up
I’m moving on while I’m holding on
Though the world says it can’t be
I’ve determined in my heart
I’m holding on

Verse 2
They thought I’d give up and fall on my own
But they ought to know me by now
There’s a fire inside that calls out His name
My faith in Him is still going strong

And even though it may not seem right now
My Lord has always brought through somehow.

Repeat Chorus

The past does not define me
I put it all behind me

Repeat chorus twice
Adlib and End